Paris designer Monica has built her long-standing career in fashion by following her own set of rules.
Fashion has always been her element: At seven years, colored dress of her mother make it dream.

Monica signs her creations with a heart in the "i" of her name, like a teenager she never ceased to be, she likes pink, Walt Disney caracters, musical shows and Rita Hayworth.

Monica's skirts are everywhere, from Paris to Saint Tropez, from New York to Beverly Hills, From Ibiza to St Barth...

Paint, spangled and embroided, they show (or put up) landscape or atmosphere: Sevilla, Mexico, Las Vegas, Hawaii.
They whirl, spin round, make a soft rustle to the ear and impress: Fashionistas love them!

Since 2005, success-story year, Monica's skirts fly all over the world for the great pleasure of ladies.

Tee-shirts and accesories are matching with printed skirts...
The "Must-Have" this summer are the sample "Boat Flowers", "Foufou", "Hat Flowers" and "Lindo".